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How to Buy Your Next House Before You Sell Current House

Buy Before You Sell

Introduction Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to buy before you sell your home! This strategy can make your life easier, but it also has some quirks you'll need to navigate. Let's dive in and explore together! 1. Understanding…

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What do you qualify for with a 680 FICO

680 FICO Mortgage Options

Getting a Mortgage with a 680 FICO Score Understanding Your 680 FICO Score Are you Rocking a 680 FICO score? 🎸 That's like being the solid middle act in the credit score concert – not headlining just yet but definitely…

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Can you get rid of PMI or is it a life sentence

Remove PMI

How to Remove PMI from Your Mortgage Ever stared at your mortgage statement and wondered how you could reduce those payments? 🤔 You're not alone! One culprit could be PMI, or private mortgage insurance. Let's dive into how you can…

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