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without the Hassle 😎

No Credit Check. No Annoying Calls. No Bull Shit.

Mortgage Broker New Way Mortgage is your resource for a Fast, Easy & Cheap home loan 😍  Even better, we make getting a rate quote Hassle Free so you know what you are getting from the start. No games 🎮. No B.S. 🐂 From buying your first 🏠 to buying your forever 🏰. To tapping your home equity with a 💰 out refinance to pay off high-interest debt, make a major investment, or a home renovation—we’re here to help guide you every step of the way. 

couple holding key to new home
What is Your Why?
Have a place to gather and create memories
Build equity and generational wealth
Grow your family
Stabilize your housing costs and protect against inflation
Be proud of where you live and have a place to call home
Refinance and Save.

There are several scenarios where refinancing your home could benefit you. Whether it’s lowering your interest rate and monthly payment, consolidating high-interest debt, taking cash out of your home for major home improvement, or putting your child through college.

We are happy to review your situation to see if a mortgage refinance is the right option for you.

Sacramento Home Refinance
The New Way Mortgage Story.

Getting a home loan should be Fast, Easy & Cheap 🙏 

So we built our company w/o the things that cost extra        time ⌚, energy ⚡, and money 💲.

We use new technology 🚀, we over-communicate 🦜 and we’re nice 😃

Real People working together to create a 5-star experience.

💯 Mortgage Broker New Way Mortgage 🤩 

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