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New Way Mortgage.

Getting a home loan should be Fast, Easy and Affordable!

So we built New Way Mortgage. A local Sacramento mortgage company without the things that cost extra time, energy and money.

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A New Way Home…

We don’t do things just because “they’ve always been done that way.” That’s “Old Way Mortgage.”

At New Way Mortgage, we use fresh technology and over communicate so you’re never in the dark and we’re nice…

We’re real people, with a ton of experience in the mortgage industry and in your local market, working in unison to create a 5-star experience.

We believe that mortgages should be three things…fast, easy & affordable and we never take our focus off of that.

We Are New Way Mortgage, your local Sacramento Mortgage Professionals.

As a mortgage broker our sole focus is creating an amazing customer service experience while our wholesale lending partners handle the backend of the process, and as a team we get your loan from find to fund.

By cutting out the extra fat, we’re able to operate at a much lower cost while still providing fresh technology and a robust support team. And the best part, our customers have a better experience and get lower rates and fees.

The New Way home starts with:

  • Lower rates and reduced fees
  • Top-notch customer service
  • A variety of loan programs and products to fit your specific needs
  • Flexibility
  • And so much more
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