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December is the Perfect Time for an Annual Mortgage Review!

The end of the year can be a crazy busy time, and the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your mortgage. But this time of year just so happens to be a great time to have your favorite loan originator perform an annual mortgage review, especially in 2020.

You may have heard the news that interest rates are at historic lows while home equity continues to surge throughout much of the country, but what does that really mean for you, the homeowner? We’re glad you asked.

If you’re putting together your goals for 2021 and any of them have to do with:

  • Paying off debt
  • Remodeling or Home Improvements
  • Investments
  • Paying for college
  • Selling your home
  • Relocating
  • Buying an investment property or second home

. . . then there may be an opportunity to use your biggest asset (your home) to help you accomplish these goals. That’s why it’s important to take some time in December to meet with New Way Mortgage and take advantage of a complimentary mortgage review. And the best part is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home by using our free online mortgage evaluator. Just click here to get started.

Why You Need an Annual Review

A lot of homeowners feel pretty confident that once they leave the closing table with their new loan, it’s a “one-and-done” situation. Although that might be true for some people, what you don’t know really can hurt you, especially if what you don’t know is that you could shorten your loan’s term or reduce your rate and payment this coming year.

Don’t worry, your friends at New Way Mortgage can help you find opportunities you may have been missing, including:

  • Changing mortgage terms
  • Lowering monthly payments
  • Taking out cash for home renovations
  • Taking cash out to purchase a second home or investment property
  • Moving into a bigger home
  • Downsizing

Even if you aren’t planning to do any of these things, it never hurts to get a better view of your financial picture. Click here to get started!

What You Can Learn From an Annual Review

An annual review is more than just a look at your mortgage. It’s a look at a big part of your financial portfolio. After all, for most people, their mortgage is their largest expense, and their home is their greatest financial asset. Just like checking in on your retirement account or insurance coverage, having the right mortgage in place will help make sure your future is full of opportunity and prosperity.

When you have an annual mortgage review from New Way Mortgage, we look at the bigger picture. This includes items like:

  • The current value of your home and equity position
  • Opportunities to refinance your home to help achieve your overall financial goals
  • Ways to save more money on your mortgage payment
  • How your home can generate income
  • And other potential investment and saving opportunities

Not only will you see the potential opportunities for savings today, but you’ll also get information that can help propel your wealth in the future. For example, if you’ve been considering a home renovation or remodel to increase the value of your home, an annual mortgage review is a great next step to see how you can leverage your home equity to bring your vision to life.

Refinancing in December is Ideal

December is a great time to take care of financial business, specifically if you’re considering refinancing. Why, you ask? Well, let us be the first to share the good news with you that when you refinance, you can skip a month, or even two months, of mortgage payments. Skipping a mortgage payment in December or getting cash out can help make the holidays and new year a lot brighter and can also help you start chipping away at some of your financial goals for 2021.

New Way Mortgage can provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for your financial future. Our free online mortgage evaluator shows you ways you can keep more money in your pocket every month.

What else could you do with some extra cash this December? How about:

  • Combining your debt into one low-interest payment
  • Paying down high-interest credit cards
  • Remodeling the bathroom that has been plaguing you for years
  • Make a big statement with new kitchen cabinets and lighting
  • Creating a backyard oasis, complete with wet bar and fireplace

That pet project doesn’t have to wait any longer. We’re here to help you make all your dreams come true and improve your financial future.

Hot tip: You can call or text us any time at (916) 465-6639 or get a mortgage quote at bit.ly/35BoA3f. We’re excited to help you get started with your annual mortgage review!

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